Presenting an installation created in collaboration within 10 or our artists, 280A proposal for Unseen Amsterdam's CO-OP deals with the significance of the collective in times of progressive individualization, virtualization and ongoing fragmentation, but also with the idea of intensity in arts and culture. Especially for this occasion, we created a series of merged images that reflect on questions of the authorship of individual artistic production, the classical representation of individual artworks and the role of curatorial practice.

What does the desire for symbiosis mean in times where all our data is stored in a virtual cloud joining millions of other people’s data, where instagram profiles reflect the attempt to stage a life of high intensity, but fail and still seem “flat”? In times, where “feeling alive” means posting a picture that makes your followers believe your life is full of intense experiences. Maybe only by giving up your individuality for the group, real intensity can develop, referring to a Dionysian ecstatic experience. This overload, though, gets an antithesis in the center of the space: A curtain shaft which houses a water bed inside. The visitor is invited to enter this little room to experience a break from the multiple sensory impressions and the visual overload of an artfair. A space for visual silence, an existential void. In this void, deprived of visual senses, the visitor can - white floating on the water bed - listen to an meditative audio talking about the idea of floating in a visual cloud and merging with a photographic idea of collective authorship.

This project was awarded with
2018 Art Trail  TESLA & UNSEEN