Vilem Flusser states that the end of the world is inevitable. This probability remains latent and imprinted in History. Our ethical task as cultural entities is to inform the world through the novelty and in this manner postpone the end further away in time.

The big challenge that the Brazilian-czhec philosopher proposes is: How can we build a new world if our tools and apparatus are designed to repeat the previous ones?

The images that compose TO DESCRIBE A FLOWER are photographies taken with the panoramic function of a cell phone’s camera. This function, designed for registering the wideness of a landscape, is misused and aimed at a minimal unity of the scene: the petal of a flower. This displacement in the use of the apparatus function reveals a gesture of continuity. The petals are landscapes and the landscapes are flowers.

It’s through disobedience and the spirit of playing that we can find possibility of world(s). Just looking at the usual with a new point of view is enough to see them bloom.